“Peace Be With You!” – Jesus

Psalm 150 begins and ends with "Allelu Yah!" — "Praise The Lord!" Easter season is about celebrating the presence of the Risen Lord among us!


As I am reading (and re-reading) this week’s Gospel lesson (John 20:19-31), I am trying to understand Disciples’ state of mind.

  • We know that they were overwhelmed by the events of the last week of Jesus’ life. We know that because Disciples were huddled together behind closed doors, in fear of their own people, confused by what happened on Thursday and Friday and perplexed by the fact that Jesus’ tomb was found empty earlier that day.
  • We know that they were anxious. We know that because Disciples had no idea what they were going to do next, their lives were at a crossroads and future did not look certain to any of them.
  • We know that disciples were disappointed. We know that because with Jesus’ lifeless body were buried all their hopes, their visions, their sense of direction and purpose in life.


I also wonder whether disciples were struggling with the sense of personal moral failure and embarrassment because they deserted Jesus in his hour of need. From Gospel accounts we know that Peter denied Jesus three times, and that the rest of the Disciples were running for their lives as Jesus was tried and crucified. There had to be a sense of disappointment and disillusionment with themselves and with Jesus. There had to be feeling of discombobulation in their midst because they had to feel weak, small, inadequate and unworthy.


That is why when Mary was saying that she talked with the Risen Savior that morning and that Jesus was alive, I wonder whether initially the Disciples took it as The Good News. After all, Jesus could have been really upset and angry with them for abandoning him in his hour of need. No wonder that Disciples as a group were crushed and defeated in spirit. No wonder Disciples were overwhelmed with contradiction emotions, feelings of remorse, shame and guilt. No wonder they were hiding behind the closed doors!


That is when Jesus showed up among them saying, "Peace be with you." Isn’t it just like Jesus to show up in the midst of our fears, frustrations, guilt, shame, and anxieties and say, "Peace be with you." Reality [or realness] of Jesus was stronger than the closed doors, and all the feelings of inadequacy, remorse, shame and guilt that the Disciples felt at the time.


Truth is that most every one of us have something that overwhelms us, something that scares us, something that eats at us, something that troubles our conscience, something that makes us want to lock our doors and separate ourselves from that proverbial "IT." Among all that, God comes to us and says, "Peace be with you."


Is the reality of the Risen Savior stronger in your soul that the reality of things that may keep you up in the middle of the night? Because when the reality of the Risen Savior is stronger in our souls that the reality of everything else, that is when we find the courage to say "Allelu Yah!" – "Praise the Lord!" in the face of our difficulties and fears.


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