Health alerts for Peninsula Delaware Conference

Rev Robert P Hall, Executive Director of Delaware Ecumenical Council on Children and Families forwarded these health alerts to Peninsula-Delaware Conference:


  1. The excessive heat and humidity, along with the generally poor air quality, may be causing problems for persons, especially in northern Delaware and Cecil County, MD.  The amount of ground level ozone in our air, along with particulate pollution, primarily carbon, are both at unsafe levels.  Small children and especially senior citizens ought to stay indoors during these hot and humid days.  Persons with asthma, COPD, and/or other respiratory ailments also need to stay indoors and avoid exertion.  Please share these messages with your congregants.  Also, ask them to help combat ozone and particulate pollution by cutting back as much as possible on the use of gasoline-fired engines, especially lawn mowers.  
  2. Persons living in rural and suburban areas need to know that coyote have been seen in all three Delaware counties.  They are here because of the high deer population and the lack of more natural predators (e.g., black bear and cougar, which were driven away).  Coyote, which are wild members of the dog family, are apex predators and genuinely dangerous to humans.   Coyote are also always wild; they cannot be tamed.   They ought to be avoided at all costs.  Obviously, small children (and companion animals such as dogs and cats) are especially vulnerable.   Do not let children wander off alone in wooded or heavily shrubbed areas. 

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