Communication from Allan Loomis, President of Wilmington District Chapter of UMM

Our purpose states that the United Methodist Men shall be a creative, supportive fellowship of men who seek to known Jesus Christ, to grow spiritually and to seek daily his will. To help us do this the men of the Peninsula-Delaware Conference provide a weekend retreat at Camp Pecometh every year. It is held the first weekend after Labor Day. This is a great time in the year for a spiritual retreat – vacations are over, schools are starting up, and we need to make sure we have not wandered too far off our walk with Jesus.

This year’s retreat will be September 11-12th. Also attached is the promo and registration flyer which details out our program for the weekend and the cost. The food is very good and the fellowship is even greater. I have met men from all over our conference and other conferences that have become life long friends of mine.

John Wesley said there are three simple rules that have the power to change the world. The third rule was “Stay in love with God”. We plan to do that with words, music and film. Don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your faith foundation.

Allan Loomis, President

Wilmington District UMM

I think it would be awesome if we could join UMM this year. The cost is $60 for both nights and it includes all the seminars, lodging and food.


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