Working Towards Sunday; “C” – P16

This week’s Gospel reading is Luke 15:1-10… You can read it here NIV or here MSG


I wonder where would I be in today’s Gospel reading?

  • Would I be among people of “doubtful reputation” with whom Jesus chose to hang around? Would I feel bitter and angry listening to the Pharisees and religious scholars grumble against Jesus? Would I feel disenfranchised because of my social status and choices/mistakes that I’ve made in the past? Would I feel elated because Jesus paid attention to me?

  • Would I be among Pharisees and religious scholars who were upset with Jesus? After all, I (and everyone I know) have certain ideas of what is right and what is wrong and we expect certain actions and certain accountability from each other.

  • Would I sit next to Jesus as he told these parables watching reaction from persons when they finally understood the metaphor and the meaning behind the illustrations that Jesus used?


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