Pastor Asher and congregation of the Mt. Pleasant United Methodist Church welcome you to our web site. Built on a rich heritage, Mount Pleasant United Methodist Church is located at 1713 Liberty Grove Road, Colora, Cecil County, Maryland. Our membership draws together a diverse community of all ages comprised of families, students, singles and seniors.

Everyone is welcome to worship with us. We gather for worship at 10:00 am on Sundays and our worship style is informal – come as you are – that is the way Jesus loves you and so will we.

If you want more information about various events and programs in our church please contact our church office (Online calendar of events is in the works as well).

We welcome Christians of all backgrounds and we invite you to join us and become part of our warm, friendly and caring community of faith. As a community we are focused on spiritual, educational, charitable and social programs; we embrace Christian values and beliefs and transmit these from generation to generation.

About Us


The history of Mt. Pleasant United Methodist church is woven into the rich tapestry of traditions and experience of the greater Rising Sun area. Although Methodists were active in our area long before that, the date of the first deed for our church is dated July 10, 1840. In our 170+ year history, countless men and women have glorified God, made disciples and served God by serving the world around their community.

Our rich tradition of serving God inspires our future efforts to discern what the Holy Spirit is doing in the world around us as we joyfully offer ourselves to God’s service. Over the years, the community of Mt. Pleasant has extended efforts to work in cooperation with other churches in the area (i.e. Hopewell UMC, Janes UMC, West Nottingham Presbyterian).

As a local community we strive to make God the Lord not only of our past, but of our present, and future. In the busy world that we live in, our church is purposeful in creating opportunities for families and friends to share sacred time and to strengthen their ties to God, to each other and to their neighbors.

We recognize that small changes on our part can foster significant positive impact in the community around us and encourage others to do the same. While we live locally, our thoughts and actions reach beyond the walls of our physical buildings as we carry the message of Jesus’ love and extend our missional efforts around the world.

Our web-servant and visual evangelist has a website at http://www.libertygrovegraphics.com